Antonis Zorpas

"Antonis Zorpas"

Antonis Zorpas photoI have studied Chemical Engineering (also Master Degree) and I hold a PhD which focuses on Environmental Management and Engineering. I had or I still have significant co-operations with other institutes, Universities, research Centres around Europe as well as with the European Commission. Now I belong as Lect. in Cyprus Open University teaching in the Master program (i) Environmental Conservation and Management,(ii) Waste Treatment – Environmental Friendly Technology (iii) Renewable Energy (iv) Sustainable Development (v) Risk Assessment/LCA/EIA/Helath and Safety/Quality Control. I have taught in the past several scientific fields like: Strategic Development, Zero Waste, Water and Soil Pollution, Management, Treatment and Disposal of Solid and Liquid Waste, Recycling Technologies, Restoration Technologies, Management - Hazardous Waste Treatment, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies, Life Cycle Assessment, Risk Analysis, Clean Technology Design Systems, Design of Waste and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Utilization of Biomass, Quality Control, etc. I am also the Managing director of the Institute of Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development which is research and development NGO.

Until now, I am the editor in 3 scientific books. The first with the title “Sludge Management; From the Past to Our Century” published on March 2012 from the Nova Science Publisher, the second with the title “Natural Zeolites” published on Sep 2012 from Bentham Science Publishers, while the third one with the title “Sustainability Behind Sustainability” covering horizontal the difficult subject of Sustainable Development was published on 2014 from Nova Science Publisher. Moreover, I have written more than 20 chapters for other 7 scientific Books, 13 academically Note Books in Greek. I have published more than of 200 scientific papers (in scientific journals, with impact factor from 0.751 – 6.072 and in International and National Conferences). The article “Industrial hazardous waste in the framework of EU and International Legislation” published in Management of Environmental Quality: been chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012 (Emerald Literati Network).

My research back-round includes: (i) Implementation of Natural Zeolites in the treatment of solid and liquid waste (>17 years of experiences), (ii) Implementation of Composting methods for the treatment of several organic waste up on sustainable way (>17 years of experiences), (iii) Implementation of chemical oxidation, electrochemical oxidation for the treatment of heavy polluted waste (>17 years of experiences), (iv) Waste water treatment plants (>12 years of experiences), (v) Waste minimization monitoring and evaluation, EMAS, ISO 14001, strategic plans etc (>15 years of experiences), (vi) Sustainable development programs (environmental, social culture and economics) (>12 years of experiences), (vii) Coastal Environment, Management of Liquid waste, Management of solid waste (>15 years of experiences), (viii) Environmental Impact and Environmental / Risk Assessment Analysis (>15 years of experiences).

My research is funded from European Commission as well as from National or Industrial/Privates sources. I have taken part in more than 75 research programs the last years. I have done several models simulations for the treatment of liquid and solid waste in the laboratory before their final application in the industry. I have accreditation in the section: Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management, Research and Developments, Quality Management, Facilities Plants. Also I am Environmental Auditor (Lead Auditor of ISO 14001/EMAS), Quality Control Auditor (Lead Auditor ISO 9001, ISO 19011) and I am Health and Safety Auditor (Accreditation- OHSAS).

I am from 2013-2017 the President of Cyprus Environmental Engineers Council as well as I am in the Advisory committee of the Office of the Cyprus Commissioner for the Environment.

I am acting also as individual consultant in several Governmental Departments, Local Authorities for the implementation of Sustainable Development Programs, Strategic Plan, preparation of research projects, organizations and monitoring of waste minimization and zero waste plan, health and safety etc.

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